Deceased former speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah’s father, Nathan Okori has stuck his guns to tell mourners that his son was poisoned.

“I am not mourning in vain. I want to state clearly that Jacob was poisoned. He told me and  that he was operated as doctors attempted to deal with poison. It affected his health so badly and by time he as flown out he was not in position to recover,”Okori told mourners on Friday during the burial in Lalogi.

“You the mourners, receive this information from me in good faith .He is now gone. We will never see him against.”

He later broke down.

Earlier, Okori had told the same words to mourners in Omoro.

“I know all of you who have come here are mourners. His (Oulanyah’s) death is not easy news to welcome because I know he did not die of natural causes, he was poisoned,”he told mourners in Omoro.

The Minister of Health, Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng earlier this week told parliament that Oulanyah’s immediate cause of death was multiple organ failure stemming from a cancer he had.

“The immediate cause of death was multi organ failure. The  heart failed,  the lungs failed,  the liver failed  and the  kidney failed. The kidney and heart failed while in Seattle. He also had multiple bacterial infections while still here and viral infections while in Seattle. The treatment for viral infections further suppressed the bone marrow,” she said.

The Health Minister told parliament that Oulanyah’s predicaments started in 2019 when he discovered he had a swelling in the neck.

“It was a relatively big swelling and took it upon himself to see k medical attention in Germany. The swelling was removed, analysed and he was told it was a cancer. He was started on treatment which he finished in Uganda cancer institute,”Aceng said.

The Health Minister’s report was further substantiated by the Uganda Cancer Institute Executive Director, Dr. Jackson Orem who was also a personal doctor to the deceased former speaker.